Syracuse - half day tour

Guided tour of Syracuse: the biggest Greek colony in Sicily

  • Syracuse , Greek colony,
  • Ortigia , Apollo Temple, Aretusa fountain, Island, Syracusa Cathedral
  • Archaeological Park, Greek teather, Neapolis

Bus for the tour 
Local guide 

Not included

Entrance fees during the visit

Duration4 Hours
ParticipantsFrom 8 to 50 participants

Further information

Guided tour of Syracuse.

Place of Greek memory par excellence: the Neapolis Archaeological Park, the Greek Theater, the Dionysus Ear, the Altar of Ieron II and the Roman Amphitheater. Continue for Ortigia, the old town: the Temple of Apollo, Piazza Duomo and the legendary Fountain of Aretusa. Ortigia has been a heritage of humanity since 2005.

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